The New Moon & Intention Setting, by Lauren Witts

Each week in the Sister Stories Facebook group we share our gentle intentions for the week ahead, avoiding striving or goal setting, but simply declaring the directions in which we would like to move, and how. A few weeks ago, we invited Lauren Witts to share her thoughts around intention setting. Her thoughts were immediately drawn to the moon…

Intention Setting, by Lauren

The new moon is the darkest point in the monthly lunar cycle. No moon is visible in the sky. Under the cloak of night rebirth is taking place. It is the start. The beginning. 

The moon is moving into a new cycle and so too can you. 

 It’s time for listening in to your own inner life; for imagining new ideas, projects, relationships and dreams. A time for setting intentions. 

 Wishes written down and spoken out loud now are seeds planted in fertile ground. The moon offers energy and incubation to your intentions. Holding them. Giving them time to send out strong roots. Before, as the cycle continues, they’re ready to press up through the soil and into the light. 

 The practice of setting intentions is both subtle and powerful. It brings clarity. Amplifies what you want to cultivate. Invites energy and synchronicity to join you on your way. 

 The new moon energy is right for a few days before, on and after the new moon each month. 

 You can do this ritual for setting intentions alone, together with a friend, join a circle, or start a WhatsApp group. Being witnessed in your wishes can add extra potency.

 New Moon Intentions Ritual: 

  •  Find a quiet space. 

  • Light a candle, or if you like you can create a simple altar (gather together some precious stones/ flowers/ something from nature/ or perhaps some beautiful beads/ a meaningful photo).

  • Clear the space by burning a favourite essential oil or some incense. Clary sage, Frankincense or any of the citrus oils work well to assist and aid intention setting.

  • Bring your attention into your body by noticing any sensations and take some deep, full breaths down into your belly. 

  • When you feel centred and at home in yourself, begin to think about your intentions. Your wishes can be big or small. Ranging from expansive professional projects, to gentle changes in your day-to-day rhythm. Be generous with your dreaming. This is a time to sense into the abundance of possibility.  

  •  Taking your pen and paper begin to write your intentions. Be specific. Really see yourself feeling or doing the thing you’re hoping to bring in. What does it feel like? Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? Is there a special object nearby that resonates a sort of soul quality that you would like to develop?

  •  Put your intentions in a positive tone. It adds great energy to imagine what you want. Even if it feels out of reach for now, imagine yourself immersed in it. 

  •  Write in the present tense. This too helps your intentions come into being. 

 For example;

‘I feel grounded, inspired and in flow’.  

‘I’m immersed in my book writing project. Engaged in the process of creating. I feel satisfied and excited as I sign off on each chapter’. 

 ‘I’m committed in a relationship. I feel loved and free to be fully myself. I’m laughing a lot, enlivened by hearty connection’.

 Once you’ve finished your intentions, read them out loud to yourself or your sisters. Trust that the universe is with you.

 Keep them on your altar, or in a special box or jar. Come back to them throughout the month and read over them. 

 You’re already on your way. 

 The new moon sits at the exact opposite point in the lunar cycle from the full moon. The full moon is the point of the month for harvesting what you have manifested. A time for celebration and for releasing whatever is no longer serving you.