circle leaders

At the heart of our growing community are our circle leaders, courageous and compassionate women who have stepped up to host sister stories. 

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gemma brady

Gemma is a documentary maker, storyteller and creative coach. She founded Sister Stories in 2017 because she believes in the healing power of stories and the simple potency of truly being listened to.

Gemma runs regular circles in North London and leads the facilitator training programme. For upcoming events, click here. If you’d like Gemma to bring Sister Stories to your area, please contact her here.

“Sister Stories is at its heart a community offering connection and compassion. People often worry about coming because it can feel so different to normal life - what will happen there, and is this some sort of cult?! Then they come and realise we just enjoy being truly human together, with no pressure to speak or tell any sort of story. Our presence is enough.”


sophie howarth

Sophie is a teacher and writer, maker and mother, lover of trees and poetry. Best-known as the co-founder of The School of Life and founder of Department Store for the Mind, she is also faculty lead at Year Here, and author of a number of photography books.

Sophie currently leads our East London circle. For upcoming events, click here.

“The circle is different every time, sometimes full of humour, sometimes very tender, always richly truthful. I prepare the space and welcome the women, but after that it's very light touch. Whatever needs to emerge always does when I trust the wisdom of the circle. ”

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sagina shabaya

Sagina is a career coach, workshop facilitator, speaker and new mother.

She believes in the importance of creating welcoming, inclusive spaces for women and in Winter 2018, is launching a Sister Stories circle for mothers. To hear more about her progress, join our newsletter.

Sagina runs regular circles in South London. For upcoming events, click here.

“It is so important that we create spaces in our towns and cities for women to come together and just be themselves. There is so much happening in our hectic lives and I believe in the power of the Sister Stories circles to be a sanctuary for women.”