Every woman has a story to tell

Stories are the fabric that knit our lives together, strengthening our bonds to one-another through the universal themes of humanity.

Stories surround us, empower us, comfort us and deepen our sense of compassion and connection. The act of telling stories is one of the most simple and life affirming experiences we can enjoy together.

At Sister Stories we invite you to into a space in which this is possible, no matter how quiet your voice or simple the tale.


“I didn’t know how much I needed Sister Stories until I went. It’s a space each one of us craves, whether we know it or not.”

– Sabeh Bali


Sister Stories invites women to experience the deep connection and community that arise when we sit in circle and share the truth of our experiences together

The format is simple: we facilitate women gathering in circle around the world. Together, we soften into sharing a story or feeling that wants to be spoken aloud.

This is the ancient made modern. Under skies, under stars, in living rooms, around kitchen tables, women have gathered for millennia. Our community offers a simple, powerful reimagining of this practice.


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