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Sister Stories: East London with Sophie Howarth and Lynette Greenaway

“When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.” ― Adrienne Rich

Sister Stories invites women to experience the connection and community that arise when we sit in circle and share the truth of our experiences together.

Women have been gathering to tell each other stories since the beginning of time. Stories are the fabric that knit our lives together, strengthening our bonds to one-another through the universal themes of humanity. Stories surround us, empower us, comfort us, and deepen our sense of compassion and connection. The act of telling our stories is one of the most simple and life affirming experiences we can enjoy together.

Sophie has been running Sister Stories gatherings in East London for nearly two years. Every gathering is different, the co-creation of whoever is present. There is nothing to prepare; the evening is designed to soften and open our hearts so that whatever stories that want to be told can be. Truth invites truth, courage calls to courage, compassion welcomes compassion. Together we celebrate our strength and our solidarity.

£5 concessionary tickets are available using the code "concession" when booking. We welcome any women coming for the first time to use the code "first time sister" for a free ticket.