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Sister Stories: South London with Katie Slee

Modern life often feels fractured and lonely. Our external lives - played out at work, online or in company - don’t always make room for with what’s going on inside, leaving us feeling adrift and disconnected.

Sister Stories is an evening for women to drop their guard, and to experience the deep connection and community that arise when we sit in circle and share the truth of our experiences together.

Why Stories?

Communities have been gathering to tell each other stories since the beginning of time. Stories are the fabric that knit our lives together, they surround us, empower us, comfort us, and deepen our sense of compassion and connection.

Our circles are the ancient made modern. Under skies, under stars, in living rooms, around kitchen tables, women have gathered for millennia. Our community offers a simple, powerful reimagining of this practice.

The Format

At Sister Stories we invite you to give voice to your story and be heard, no matter how quiet your voice or simple the tale. Your story need not be grand or planned. Rather, together, we soften into sharing whatever wants to be spoken aloud in that moment.

The discussion will be led, so there's no pressure to speak, we just ask that you bring openness and the desire to connect.

The Space

This Sister Stories gathering will be hosted and facilitated by Katie Slee. It will be held in her living room, a cosy, peaceful space just a stone’s throw from Kennington Station. Access is step free, and the flat is fully wheelchair accessible. Details of the exact address of the gathering will be sent to you when you confirm your attendance.

Ticket Prices
I'm experimenting with the pricing of my circles at the moment. I'm trying to find the right balance between this space being inclusive and diverse, but also recognising that I need to find a way to make this practice sustainable, and guarantee that people will turn up for the event. For this event, I'm going with a 'pay what you can' model, where...

- it's free for first time sisters or women who really couldn't put any money towards coming
- it's £5 for women who can't afford much but would like to pay something towards the event
- it's £11 for women who feel comfortable paying for a standard ticket
- it's £16 for anyone feeling flush who wants to support another sister to come