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Sister Stories: North London with Nicola Morgan

Sister Stories is an evening for women to come together; to be seen and heard; and experience an evening of truth telling, healing, and transformation.

Grounded in the primal and magical traditional of storytelling, deepen your sense of connection to self and other; and experience the simple joy that comes from knowing we’re all in it together.

Why Stories?

Communities have been gathering to tell each other stories since the beginning of time. Stories are the fabric that knit our lives together, strengthening our bonds to one-another through the universal themes of humanity. Stories surround us, empower us, comfort us, and deepen our sense of compassion and connection. The act of telling our stories is one of the most simple and life affirming experiences we can enjoy together. 

The Format

We'll come together in small, cosy gathering and share a story or set of thoughts. There's no pressure to speak, we just ask that you bring openness and the desire to connect.