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Sister Stories: Chelmsford with Rachael Rafferty

Life can feel overloaded and lonely; the days dashing past us as we desperately try to keep up, connect and commit ourselves to doing more, doing better… I often find myself craving the comfort of a space where I can be rather than do. Where I can show up and be accepted exactly as I am, with no expectation or pressure to perform. A place to soften and slow, to release myself from being busy even if just for a short time and to share this experience with others as they do the same.

For me, Sister Stories is that place and I am delighted to be bringing this offering to the nurturing haven that is The Nesting Place. There is nothing quite like the feeling of sitting together in circle with the invitation to deeply listen, to speak and to be witnessed as we share the truth and fullness of our experiences. Value can be found in all that you are able contribute, from joy to sorrow, from the everyday to the extraordinary… Every woman has a story to tell.

Feeling curious or called to explore what Sister Stories could offer you?  Come and join us, you are so very welcome here.